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"Giving Parents a Choice, and Children a Chance."

FORZA is a full service education management organization, providing an all-inclusive collection of services, in order to enhance each school’s optimum level of success.


Our Services

Charter  Development

FORZA will partner with individuals, groups, and other organizations to develop a successful charter school application based on a specific focus.

Marketing & Public Relations

FORZA assists in the creation and implementation of a strategic marketing plan tailored specifically to each school.

Financial Services

FORZA provides budget oversight and financial reporting for all of its schools.

Strategic Planning

FORZA assists with the creation of a successful strategic plan for each of its schools tailored to the specific focus of the school.  

Grant Writing

FORZA provides grant support for each of its schools, including assistance with writing, submission, and full implementation.

Human Resources

FORZA provides management of all aspects of human resources, including recruiting, payroll, certification compliance, licensure and permitting, benefits and personnel matters for all school employees.


"As a result of FORZA's services, we've not only increased student achievement, but have built the internal capacity to sustain these improved outcomes over the long term. 


The results we’ve experienced in terms of increasing teacher effectiveness with improved student achievement have forever changed our school's approach." 

William Staros 

Former Principal of Gulf Coast Charter Academy South

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Why Choose FORZA?

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The Beginning of a Superior School and a Superior Relationship! 


FORZA is made up of a professional team that provides services, solutions, and assists and supports every aspect of a charter school, private school, or a traditional public school. 

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