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Human Resources

Human Resources HR management Recruitmen

FORZA provides its schools with effective Human Resource services.  It manages all recruiting, payroll, certification compliance, licensure and permitting, benefits and personnel matters for all school employees.  This allows the school's board of directors to concentrate on governance responsibilities and permits the administrative staff to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the school.
FORZA works collaboratively with the administration to recruit, hire, and deliver a thorough orientation program for all new faculty and staff, including a mentoring program that guides the new employee with an easy transition into their new role and new educational setting.  


FORZA assists with employee recruitment, including referrals, job fairs, strategic college and university career expos, coupled with Web-based advertising and job postings. FORZA also maintains a Web-based recruitment site that allows potential candidates to review open positions nationwide and submit resumes for consideration. 

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